Soklich Trading Company, importers, exporters and explorers of all types of gemstones and collector's minerals.

The Gem Shop and Crystal Warehouse are based in Orange Grove, nestled in the foothills of Perth, Western Australia.

Our showrooms carry one of the largest collections of all types of crystals, including quartz, rose quartz, lapis, tiger iron, blue lace agate, citrine, amethyst, jade, green agate and more. rare crystals such as moldavite, aqua aura, lybian desert glass and double terminated quartz are our specialty.

You are invited to join our inner circle of crystal divination and meet others interested in the healing, metaphysical and therapeutic powers of crystals. Meeting of the Minds connects experienced practitioners, advanced healers, interested beginners, curious bystanders and people from all interests, experiences and modalities, to share their knowledge and exchange information in a magically potent crystal atmosphere. Join the crystal community for a mystical night of mineral alchemy!
These nights impart leading edge metaphysical knowledge and are an opportunity to expand your awareness and network with like minded spirits. Each event presents an inspiring subject for discussion, with an expert guest speaker and free presentation.


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